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Secure Business Cloud Services

Are you thinking of upgrading your systems, utilising some of the great new Cloud technologies or maybe just getting all your users working faster and smarter? We can definitely help. Every business is unique, with different priorities. Our Cloud services are personal, with a tailored solution that meets your own specific needs whether that be enterprise-grade security, highly available, or simply on a tight budget.

The Benefits of Office 365

Being cloud-based, Office 365 is capable of taking your business to new heights in terms of convenience, security, and data storage.

1. Productivity through Collaboration

Office 365’s cloud-based storage solutions lend themselves to team co-operation. Not only can multiple employees contribute to the production and editing of a single document, they can collaborate on whole projects encompassing multiple applications.

In the modern business environment, which demands fast-paced, multi-iterated results, teamwork is essential. And, with Office 365, teamwork is made easy. Instead of emailing various versions of documents or projects amongst themselves, a team can now access and edit a project stored on the cloud. This ensures the project always stays current and the team doesn’t waste time catching up on past edits made by other members.

2. Safe, Off-site Storage

Traditional on-site servers are a risk to the modern business because of their independence. If a server crashes irrevocably or is damaged or corrupted, the entirety of its data is lost. However, cloud storage represents a far safer alternative to this hardware, giving every computer in your business access to your company’s data. And, when it comes to data that you want to keep confidential, Office 365’s settings allow you to set permissions and actively manage security.

3. Usability

Although Office 365 adopts an online delivery as opposed to the desktop software installation of earlier iterations, the functionality of its applications is still the same. This means that users enjoy the familiarity of the Office applications with which they have likely worked for the majority of their professional lives. Switching to Office 365 is thus exceptionally easy and involves minimal downtime.

So what is Office 365?

The biggest companies in the world – with the most demanding requirements – standardize on Microsoft solutions for productivity, communications, and sharing. You can, too. Microsoft Office 365 support, hosted by Abalungisi, integrates online versions of Microsoft’s email and collaboration software with the familiar Office ProPlus suite in a cloud delivery model. The cloud service meets your needs for robust security, 24×7 reliability, and user productivity. All at a subscription price, you can easily afford, we handle Office 365 migration and/or implementation. We also offer Office 365 support and ongoing Office 365 IT management services to help you learn how to manage Office 365 the right way.


Microsoft Office 365 services

Welcome to the Future

  • Pay as you Go model
  • A tried and tested solution you can rely on.
  • Access to your business information from anywhere, securely.
  • E-Mail and collaboration platform that syncs through to all your devices, seamlessly.
  • Storing and collaborating on documents, securely in the cloud.
  • Communicate via video calls or even host online presentations with your team members.
  • full version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus installed on up to 5 devices, for a single user.