All inclusive communication services for small to medium businesses

VoIP Telephone Systems

We have joined with a number of partners to offer purpose-built VoIP business communication and contact center solutions for small and mid-sized companies. This allows us to provide you with unique software and an extensive breadth of communication features.


Lower Your Operating Costs
Increase Productivity and Save Money at the Same Time
You and Your Employees to Feel Like You Are in the Main Office Wherever You Are

Our unique communication application unifies messaging, email, and phone features into one easy-to-use interface.

Lower your operating costs

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Our unique communication application unifies messaging, email, and phone features into one easy-to-use interface. With Abalungisi Consulting’s VoIP solution, you can stop worrying about technology and focus on business growth.

Cloud-based Phone Systems

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Nobody likes being tied into long-term contracts. That’s why all of our products are pay as you go, allowing you to scale as your needs change. Work smarter in and out of the office and make calls on your desk phone, smartphone, tablet or PC – anywhere.

World class products and service offering

We pride ourselves on the stability of our fully redundant and resilient network, which we operate at the highest of standards across our multiple PoP’s (Points of Presence) across South Africa and Europe. Our network, along with the reach of our international partners, enables us to offer IP and MPLS connectivity with Voice Quality of service (QoS) guarantees to almost any location in the world.

All voIP services that we offer

Call centre suite

a call centre software solution built around the understandings that Call Centre’s need options and flexibility to meet their requirement. We also offer all the tools you need to succeed in your business, like Abalungisi Call Centre Metrics (an advance reporting module) and Abalungisi Auto dialer to provide mass outbound calling.

Callback Services

The Call Back number is the answer for businesses that need to deliver low-cost calling to their users, especially mobile users. You can now call from anywhere in the world from any phone (mobile or land line) with no additional equipment . You are not charged by your cellphone network when using our Call back service.

SIP Trunking

Looking for a SIP provider ? Abalungisi is a VoIP provider, use our SIP service on your PBX, IP server, IP phone or any other SIP enabled device or system. SIP trunking is a method of delivering voice telephony services and unified communication from a VoIP service provider to customers using SIP enabled exchanges.

Convert your PBX to VoIP

Abalungisi can convert your PBX to VoIP within few days. We will provide you with a VoIP gateway or active SIP on your IP PBX. VoIP will enable you to make cheap calls and reduce your telephone bill by up to 80% and will also open up new features and functionality on your system.

Phone Number (DID)

Abalungisi offers a range of DID’s (VoIP Numbers) South African, International and Toll Free Numbers. All our DIDs are flat rate (no minutes charged). Get a Abalungisi international DID and your customers and business partners in these countries will be delighted because you are only a local call away.

Fax to Email

Abalungisi Fax2Email is a service that allows you to receive your fax over IP (means over the Internet). This means our Fax2Email service is an IP and email based fax number. We link your fax number to your email address and deliver all your faxes to your Inbox.

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